1984, by George Orwell: A Literary Landmark

A Masterpiece and a Must-Read

1984 is one of my absolute favorite novels of all time. It is one that deals with tremendous ideas that tower above us in plain ambition. It provides insight into a simulated world teeming with a universally self-conscious fear of a vague, omnipotent power. People are limited to basic obedience of this said power, and are given no knowledge of any reasoning for their enforced behavior. Orwell brings us to a somber world of insecurity in which every detail of the ruling power is hidden extensively to the point in which any attempts to uncover the driving motives of the government are futile. This monumental control truly extracts meaning from every day life, and removes any drive these people could have to achieve something. The main character does try to act around the government to achieve something which, at the time, was utterly unheard of. He attempts to create a conventional relationship, and further materialize a rebellion that began as a mental disagreement to the ruling cause.

The book itself is a monumental example of some of the effects of an overly developed government on society. As the rulers of this strange world strive for political perfection, they halt impending negative forces that can be seen as threatening and detain any sort of significant progress within the human race. As a side effect to the government’s avoidance of self-threatening conflict, humans are reduced to a meaningless existence, in which they carry on basic functions to keep a scripted economy in motion. Creativity and technological progress are nonexistent in all areas, except for the government to maintain its reign on the population.

The novel is well written, contains substantial imagery, and expresses mountainous ideas with depth and ease. It is quite entertaining and contains a generous supply of touching emotional qualities to further establish connective qualities with the reader. The pace might be slow and dry at times, but it is a read no soul can regret. I commend Orwell for being able to incorporate such a ludicrous amount of philosophical depth to this clearly well thought out novel that remains one of the most influential of its time. It truly gives humanity a warning to the immense dangers of overtly excessive government control, a fear widely known at the time the novel was written. Once you pause the creative qualities of humanity and cease the free thinking of the masses, the world itself will turn to a neutral state. Humans feed on progress to add reasoning to the life of all individuals; it is our method to further excuse our existence. When one removes these qualities for the sake of political supremacy and invest all advancement to the containment of this state, this force removes any remaining excuse for the perseverance of the ordinary person. We thrive on progress, and we must have a certain degree of freedom to glide forwards as a species, for that is our single distinction.

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And So It Begins

I have finally lived to see the birth of this blog which has meandered throughout the depths of my mind for a respectable amount of time. I hope any readers who stumble upon this site are able to enjoy my thoughts and maybe one day share their own perspective within the comment section. I am aware that it will take time for me to attract the massess, but I am confident that day will eventually come. If it does arrive, please provide suggestions, as it is always nice to gain inspiration from a new source.

Although no plan has been engraved permanently, I wish to to write about all types of human creation and media. I hope to elaborate upon these and ultimately add meaning to the collective thoughts of the population. Wether it be commenting on or reviewing certain novels I enjoyed, discussing the meaning of current events, (I promise to not discuss politics 🙂 ), analyzing certain artforms, or even making some comments on certain ideas and philosophies, I will try to write about anything that can bring a perspective upon the human experience we all can relate to.

I also might share my own creations from time to time, but I will not dwell extensively on this matter. This blog is not to provide a window that observes into my own personal life, it is one in which I, as an individual, try to better understand the human experience through the creations of other individuals. I will attempt to provide insight towards the development of the mind both collectively and individually, and discuss the ways creativity, progress, and civilization play a role in our lives, and viceversa. I am certain that my own life will reflect upon the contents of my blog somehow, such as if I were to travel towards a location I might discuss the significance of this area or share some photography of notable architecture. Another example might be if I were to read a novel I found quite insightful, I might review and analyze its contents and themes. But that, of course is inevitable.

I will try to make the contents of this blog enjoyable; I believe it is important for people to take enjoyment in life as that is the essence of what makes our lives meaningful. I believe enjoyment is a key ingredient to the voyage we have all embarked in from birth. A voyage in which we all try to better understand the complexity of life and its unique presentation towards the human mind. In biological terms, our purpose is reduced to the basics of survival and reproduction, but our mind allows for so much more. This blog is a diminutive perspective upon the way the human mind explores its capabilities and the unifying world into which it has been placed. We are al mere agents overwhelmed by our own selves, trying to make sense of it all. Life is built upon what each of our minds perceive of it; the world is merely common ground.

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